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When it comes to render best quality wedding catering services and reception catering services, Daily Bread Caterers serve healthy and hygienic traditional menus. We can provide the planning and preparation, exquisite wedding food and impeccable service that will make your wedding day the magical event you’ve always dreamed of.

Tradition is a widely acclaimed name in the Indian market. With quality and customer satisfaction as our long suits, we offer high quality marriage and reception catering services, which are encountering wide demand in the market. Our reception catering services are chosen by the clients due to our proficiency to custom design them as per their preferences.

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We have a range of very special offers including 10% OFF on all wedding catering.
Please call for more details on +91 99405 37047.

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Food tends to be one of the most remembered details of a wedding.

  1. Buffet dinners can help accommodate your guest's varying food tastes.
  2. Inquire about what linens & decorations your caterer will provide.
  3. Table serving is a sense of tradition.
  4. Be sure to schedule a tasting, it's both necessary and fun!
  5. Be sure you welcome your guest with a grape Juice.